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Meet Our Team
Just like the body uses multiple functions to provide life, so it is in the church.  Identifying and tapping people's natural giftedness and passions make it easy to joyfully serve each others needs and love on our community and our world.  For instance,

has been a Hospital Corpsman in the U.S. Navy Reserve and served the people of Philadelphia, PA as a firefighter and paramedic.  But God called him to a new career that included lifesaving from a different perspective.  He holds a BA in Theology from Southern Adventist University and is currently working on a Masters degree on Evangelism and Missions. His passion is to introduce people to Jesus.  LUCY is a HR Specialist
, Bible study teacher, gifted speaker, and mom to Jean-Luc (23) and Ariana (17).  She and Nelson were raised in the Roman Catholic faith; today they pastor the Decherd, Tullahoma, and Murfreesboro Seventh-day Adventist churches.   Their bilingual abilities provide multicultural opportunities.

Retirement from classroom teaching has not stopped DEL and JOHN from preparing practical messages for our Saturday morning worship service.  They and their spouses, DEE and JEAN, are part of our pastoring team.  Their commitment brings them all the way from Shelbyville and Murfreesboro, respectively.

MICHAEL is an outgoing morning person.  You will find him standing at the door greeting people in his signature blue jeans and plaid shirt.  If you receive a midweek call of encouragement, MARY will likely be on the other end of the line.  She is a natural people lover.  KATHY is a retired public health nurse and has musical ability in her veins.  She leads congregational worship, uses her assessment skills to look for ways the church can serve the community, and has a passion for children.  ANGIE also has a passion for children and has bilingual skills.  Sometimes she skips church to drive a friend to her chemo treatment.

ROBERT and GILBERT find satisfaction and relaxation riding the mowing tractor and handling the trimmer.  Their "guy skills" come in handy with maintenance chores in our buildings.  CYNTHIA has a critical scheduling job for a local auto manufacturer.  She uses those same skills to flow income into our checking account, pay the bills, and produce a financial statement. 

What are your gifts and passions?  We have a place for you to use them.

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