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Decherd, TN Seventh-day Adventist Church

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While we retain traditional conservative values, how we express ourselves to our community moves us from "just doing church" to an intentional process that colors the personality of our congregation.  What are some of our core values, our DNA?

You will find that church is a place for seekers to LEARN about Jesus and believers to be NURTURED by Him.  It is Bible focused and presented in a way that both will understand.

Our Saturday Worship Service is a place to e
njoy an UPLIFTING mix of the classic and new in Christian music.  Our gift to you each Saturday is a breath of ENCOURAGEMENT for the week ahead.  As church is more than "all about us and our wants," you will also get a glimpse into how serious we are about IMPACTING OUR WORLD on a local and global basis.  Midweek and Saturday morning Bible studies are places to dig even deeper into Bible teachings and the values of Seventh-day Adventist Christians.

PARTNERSHIP (rather than competition) with other churches and social service agencies to meet the needs of our community is a primary value.  We look for ways to use the giftedness of our members to address opportunities that others are leaving unmet.

In our individual weekly activities and interests are ministry opportunities that are sometimes more effective than church-based programs.  We want to EQUIP people to see and act on these possibilities.

We love to see individuals serve their church and community out of their PASSIONS, their GIFTS, and their relationship with God, and see themselves as midwives to ministry.


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