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The Cerro Campana Church
In January 2013 the Decherd Church launched its first international missions initiative.  The vision was to create a savings account that could ultimately be used to help provide a church building for a congregation that had none.  Maranatha Volunteers International (California) had perfected the process with its One-day Church concept.  The basis for the structure was a prefabricated building consisting of a steel structure and roof that could be imported into remote areas and erected in a single day.  The walls could be built with indigenous materials to the site location.  Cost: US$4,500 for the structure.

With multiple projects on its financial plate including reconstruction of its own aging sanctuary, the Decherd Church was slowly moving forward with its fund raising.  Target date for completion was set for the same day the church family moved out of its temporary sanctuary in its Fellowship Hall and back into the renovated historic building.

As the calendar turned to October 2014, church members were challenged to see if half the goal ($2,250) might be possible by year-end.  That challenge proved too short sided, as it was met a month later.  Regrouping, church leadership raised the year-ending goal to two-thirds ($3,000).  But God was working on another timeline.  By the end of 2014, 85% of the goal was in hand and 100% by the end of January 2015.  The project had gone into overdrive!

By the beginning of February 2015, God showed His hand.  The Decherd funds were needed immediately.  And two members of the Decherd Church were already signed up for a Spring Break mission trip to Panama, Central America.  They, along with students and staff from Georgia-Cumberland Academy in northern Georgia, had been scheduled to build two churches.  However, funding problems had derailed the second church just days before the 60-member team was scheduled to leave for Panama.  Could the Decherd savings account bring the second project back to "possible?"

With a few calls, lots of prayers, and some quick scrambling by the administrative leadership of Maranatha Volunteers International, the Cerro Campana Church would rise from the tropics.

Today the Decherd Church family has the joy of knowing that a church family in Panama has a new sanctuary in which to worship.  But it is not about what the people of Decherd, their financial supporters, and students from an Adventist high school accomplished.  It's about how God showed His hand in blessing more people than can be counted this side of heaven!

During the summer of 2015 the Decherd Church added another building block to its relationship with Cerro Campana.  Funding for Bibles and hymnals made its way to Panama -- a tangible way of supporting our brothers and sisters.

2016 begins with a new priority for our Panamanian sister church.  Though the congregation is in their new building, the dirt floor needs to be replaced with a concrete one.  The cost is just $2,000.  Would you like to partner with us to take this important step?


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